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Platinum Global is an enormous architectural company providing technical services with qualified estimators, drafting technicians, and designers servicing companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, UK, and Europe.

They have a good understanding and high architectural requirements. Designing how to meet their needs is a good challenge to the Solid team. Platinum Global wants to create a workspace that can be maximum comfort for employees. Most offices are designed for drafters, designers, so they still have to meet relaxing and functions. Capturing the ideas and requests from customers; Solid Team conceptualized the primary meaning of an office based on the thinking of architect Le Corbusier’s ideas. The entire office will be décor according to the concept of ​​painting from his abstract paintings. Colors and lines are simple but reliable as the name of “Platinum” company.

Working areas used decorating carpets: green, blue, orange…, creating separate spaces to attract and inspire the staff. Lockers with those intense colors set up accompanied with these separating areas make the company more lively and colorful. In the pantry area are large wall paintings following the spirit of Le Corbusier - simple lines, loud colors, imagination, and inspiration.

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