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Architect, Interior Designer

Professor of LABA University


Riccardo Franceschi
1989-1994 Polytechnic of Milan, Faculty of Architecture and Interior Design
1993-1995 Assistant Professor of Architecture at Faculty of Architecture of Polytechnic of Milan
1996 Opens office in Brescia
2009 Partnership with Giorgio Goffi
2010 Establishes with Giorgio Goffi ARCHI2 office

​Archisquare awards
1994 “Premio San Carlo Borromeo” Permanent Exhibition in Milan (selected)
2005 “Piranesi Prix International” (finalist)
2006 Award “Gold Medal for Italian Architecture” Honorable Mention
“International Prize Mies Van Der Rohe” (selected)
“National Award ANCE-IN / ARCH”, Prize for the best young architects project section

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