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VP of Sales - AMERICAS

ScanCom International A/s


Vice President of Sales – AMERICAS – at ScanCom International A/S – graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Breda University of applied sciences, The Netherlands and an executive MBA from the Maastricht School of Management. After graduation Jasper moved to Asia and started his career journey in the furniture & manufacturing industry. Over the years, Jasper co-created many designs for sales in global retail. Jasper also built several product development & design TEAMS in Vietnam throughout his career, most recently as a consultant for a Canadian start up. Being exposed to Danish design & having the opportunity to connect design to manufacturability & successfully commercialize this, is a true passion. Jasper recently rejoined ScanCom International A/s – and after fulfilling interim roles in product development during his first year back – he is currently leading the growth for the North and South American markets for ScanCom and evolving the American furniture range for ScanCom.

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