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General Director


(English version below)

Matthew is one of the best-known Australian architects working in Vietnam and a founding member of studio3eight. Having worked at every scale, from small storefronts to large provincial masterplans, from residential to industrial projects, and from hospitality to educational ventures, Matt brings a breadth of experience to projects that is unusual in this modern era of specialisation. Matt’s holistic view of the practice of design naturally generates innovative responses that display a deep empathy to the end user, as well as a keen understanding of the business case for each project he engages with.

Matthew is a ‘hands on’ leader – one who generates trust from his team, from his clients, and from all stakeholders, via his unwavering understanding that whilst projects are always a team effort, he is ultimately accountable for all aspects of the work studio3eight produces. Matthew makes time to work with all clients and get involved in every project, to ensure that the quality of the work produced lives up to project expectations and capitalises on the extraordinary talent of the amazing team he leads.

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