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Farmani Group

Hossein Farmani, is an entrepreneur and creative force, he has left an indelible mark on the worlds of publishing, design, and photography. Born with a passion for artistic expression, Farmani embarked on his journey by founding the Farmani Group in 1985, headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Initially focusing on publishing with ventures like Vue Magazine and FotoFolio magazine, he quickly rose to prominence, receiving awards for his innovative approach as both Creative Director and Publisher.

In 1995, he recognized the transformative potential of the internet and established one of the first Internet service providers, ARTNET.NET. His efforts not only connected people globally but also played a pivotal role in educating the public on utilizing email and establishing an online presence, earning him recognition in prestigious publications like the New York Times.

Farmani continued to push boundaries. In 2004, he introduced the Lucie Awards, often hailed as the Oscars of Photography, alongside the International Photography Awards (IPA), cementing his commitment to celebrating photographic excellence. This dedication extended further in 2007 with the inception of the International Design Awards and the London Creative Awards, platforms designed to champion designers and the creative community worldwide.

In response to a call from the European Parliament, he established the European Product Design Awards in 2016, further solidifying his commitment to recognizing exceptional design. Collaborating with like-minded visionaries, he co-founded the Architectural Masterprize Awards in 2017, fostering a global platform for architectural and interior design excellence.

Throughout his career, Farmani’s passion for art and design has driven him to create some of the most respected awards in the industry. His mission has always been to honor the vision, passion, and dedication of exceptional creative talents, shining a spotlight on their extraordinary contributions to humanity’s cultural tapestry.

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