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Designed by:
James Atkinson​

Blue Lotus The purpose of this showroom is to exhibit Vinfast’s upcoming new range of electric cars. With this in mind, we wanted our design to reinforce this ethos of sustainability. The production of electricity can be drawn from sustainable sources such as wind, waves, and the sun. Renewable energies can therefore be viewed as being infinite; a limitless energy source. This inspired the use of the infinity symbol as a circulation device for the internal space. A dynamic, infinite ramp that floats and twists internally like a giant sculpture. This loop becomes the main car display for visitors to view each model, one at a time. This museum-style of organization breaks away from the norm of traditional car showrooms. Floating like a flower above this looping space is our organic blue roof that sprouts centrally from the Vinfast logo itself. This roof form opens out to the public, providing ample opportunity for passersby to view in and catch unique views of Vinfast’s cars, dynamically positioned internally at varying levels. The blue of course reflects the company’s new branding. The blue lotus itself is symbolic of wisdom, logic, and creativity, symbology fitting of Vinfast’s continuing connection with the world

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