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GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN awards | INTÉRIEURS magazine | portal


Brigitte has dedicated over 35 years of her career to promoting the design and architecture industry. As co-president of the PID Agency, a media company specializing in design and architecture. Brigitte has demonstrated her expertise and ability to create and manage high-quality and effective promotion platforms.

The agency's flagship achievements, including the renowned INTÉRIEURS magazine, the prestigious GRANDS PRIX DU DESIGN awards, and the portal, have gained national and international recognition for their creativity and contribution to showcasing creators.

Throughout her career, Brigitte has proven her competence and talent in organizing major projects and interacting with local, national, and international stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and media. In addition to her specialization in human resources, finance, and operational management, she excels in planning, organizing, and prioritizing, and is recognized for her leadership skills.

Her extensive experience in sales and sales management also provides valuable expertise in highlighting the projects she undertakes.

Brigitte possesses in-depth knowledge of the challenges related to the design industry, enabling her to provide quality consulting services. She is known for her effective communication skills and is an adept at making complex concepts accessible. Her ability to understand her clients' needs and provide wise counsel is one of her major strengths, allowing her to establish lasting and fruitful relationships in the industry.

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