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APEC Regional Director ACTIU | Executive Director/ Board Advisor



My core skill is the ability to identify, validate and redefine a company’s value proposition in alignment with the current and future opportunities, I do this while also developing the routes to market and organisational structures that support sustainable growth.

While business success might be measured in numbers, its longevity is built on what a brand is communicating and providing to its customers as unique value. I bring the two closer together while building enterprise value and market leadership. Simply, I help organisations to define their purpose and shift the conversation from price to value, from numbers to results, and from transactional thinking to long-term partnerships.

Strategy is, of course, nothing without execution. As a result, I have overseen the top-down transformation of organisations, changing how business think, feel and operate, from culture to process to leadership teams, changing service-delivery models and carving out new market niches.

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