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Professor, Head of Design Education in Practice

Hames Sharley


Professor Do is an accomplished executive leader with extensive experience and consummate achievements in multiple internationally recognised and awarded-winning global research and scholarship. The teaching programs and projects he leads have sustained a record of success in attracting local, state, federal and international backing through numerous funding sources.

• Award-winning senior-level professional and educator with experience as a director, executive and lead of public and private sectors in university-wide and professional communities for over 20 years.

• A highly analytical decision-maker in the methodology of creative systems thinking. Experienced in establishing and implementing strategic plans for turning around challenging and complex situations to deliver positive operational outcomes, along with a proven history of increasing productivity and impact value scalability.

• A highly self-motivated trailblazer who consistently wins highly competitive large grant funding with impactful education programs locally and internationally.

• Seasoned executive with in-depth knowledge of emerging global pedagogy in international education and commercial market opportunities, having established academic and industry relationships across Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

Hames Sharley’s National Head of Design Education in Practice, Professor Do, leads the design knowledge development, supporting the best practices with the approach of a scholarly in-practice design research methodology.

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