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Designed by:
Nour Ismail Mohammad Abel Hafez

We inspired our main ideas from vinfast logo & the core values of this innovated brand ; which are reflect the spirit of flexibility, smartness, ambition & boldness; and absolutely these are the main vectors of pioneering and leadership. We took the V-shaped logo with flexible edge and then we flipped it over ;as a metaphor for the ideology of vinfast company, which expresses Boldness, Flexibility and Openness to the regions of the whole world to allow the exchange of ideas and experiences and to prove themselves and their distinction. We made the resulting shape form the main axis in the project to serve as the main circulation path as if it is a racetrack that transports the users through a distinctive journey and a spatial experience that increase their enthusiasm at each station through it; to explore and get know more about Vinfast, its creativity and its innovative products, to reach at the end of their journey to their intended destination, which is the cars display area.

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