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Designed by:
HML - Architecture

To meet the above requirements, Our Design targets 3 main goals as follows:
- Symbolism: The project will be a highlight in the areas where it is built, carrying a strong conveying message expressing the aspiration of industrialization and modernization, and the desire to pioneer the development of the manufacturing industry. automobile in Vietnam, affirming national pride, bringing Vietnamese car brand to the world.
- Contemporary and futuristic architecture: Using advanced construction technology with unique and sophisticated structure stimulates everyone's imagination and creativity.
- Harmony with context, experience and high connection: The work helps increase human interaction with nature, human with people through unique experiences.
-The transmission spirit:
The design is inspired by the lines on the structure of the Vinfast car. The symbol "V" represents Vietnam, Vingroup, VinFast, and the letter "V" is also victory - victory. The letter V is exploited as the main structural system of the showroom. express a subtle and powerful expression of the desire to rise.
- Space layout:
The showroom includes a car display space of 30m x20m x 8m, in addition to an auxiliary block (expected) behind. The surrounding campus is wide open, less affected by the outside. The structure of the showroom space emphasizes the void, with transparent layers permeating the surrounding landscape. The most special highlight is the thin, light aluminum roof system with a large span, partially cut and converted from the ceiling plane to the wall system to bear vertical forces, combined with the roof support with the mirror stainless steel column. glass walls.

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