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“ Mix-match style in colonial touch ”.

Nowadays, the house is not only a warm place like a “ home sweet home “ It must be like a boutique hotel as real-life made you feel relaxing as well as inspiring you to enjoy it as a hotel even you stay at home. My message with the new trend “HOME IS HOTEL AND HOTEL IS HOME" but still practical in users.

To create a space in 62m2 is not difficult but creating a trend for a space to have a new look and nostalgia over the years is a simple problem. From souvenirs across the country and placed in one space to create a common language to bring warmth, friendliness, that is the strength of YC always towards customers. In addition to creating space and color, YC company also has to arrange art installations to ensure the space and interior of the house are lively and orderly but very artistic! 

By the delicate combination of arranging items, arranging the collection space as well as tables and chairs, creating a friendly feeling between people and objects and especially with this style, the occupants single will not feel sad or disturbed and vice versa will always feel wandering around as well as personal enjoyment of the space itself.  Each type of project, each style, YC Company always captures the essential needs of the owner so that in addition to meeting the living needs, YC company always creates a lifestyle style suitable for the owner and life so that he can always feel the innovation from the creative artist that the owner has put his trust in to advise his home without having to worry in every way.


Ms. Naomi Thuy Nguyen - Arch Director

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