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Australian Design Council

Steve has focused on advocating for Design and the role it can play across a career spanning 25 years. He is deeply experienced in the business of design, having worked in and led design organisations before co-founding and growing Meld Studios from three founders in 2009 to twenty-five Designers across four studios today. The company has a string of accolades, winning the Australian Good Design Team of the Year in 2022 and becoming the first Australian headquartered company to become Employee-Owned by Trust in 2021.

Steve has played a critical role in the growth of Interaction Design, User Experience, Service Design and Strategic Design as communities of practice in Australia and around the world, helping to expand the Interaction Design Association from 10,000 to 75,000 members globally; convening Australia’s premier User Experience conference - UX Australia - since 2009; and launching and coordinating the UX Bookclub in 140 locations around the world.
Steve is a Good Design Ambassador and served on the Jury Panel for the Australian Good Design Awards from 2012-2016.

An accomplished speaker and presenter, Steve has also recently published a book on Strategic Design, Designing Tomorrow, co-authored with Dr. Martin Tomitsch of UTS.

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