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According to Vietnamese traditional solutions, we have a large porch in the Southeast, a large terrace overlooking, and thick stone walls to insulate the west of the building. The stone walls also contribute to making the harmonization with the surrounding landscape. The porch with a frame creates a vivid nature picture, a cover for the insulation porch.

From the top, the roof, the swimming pool, the courtyard with rectangular volumes harmonize with the shape of surrounding shrimp farms. At first, the house was designed with a green roof on the roof-top to insulate, however, the Architects decided to use the solution of retaining rainwater for living, replaced by the water circulation on the roof to cool. The rainwater is retained in large underground tanks for daily living, meanwhile expanding large lakes to take the advantage of the terrain to retain rainwater for irrigation. Thereby providing enough water source to recultivating the traditional mango garden in the dry months without rain.

The house is located on the hilltop with big rocks above. Under the only old traditional mango tree left in the garden, overlooking the distant mountain range. The 3.2m fully high and wide glass doors were used to minimize the footprint, as well as allow to completely open the large corners.  Helping the indoor-outdoor spaces harmonize together.


  • Mr Trần Ngọc Linh

  • Mr Nguyễn Huy Hải

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