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With the mission of connecting the Design Industry in general and the Interior Design industry in particular to manufacturers, international buying corporations, VDAS Design Association cooperates with World Trade Center Binh Duong (WTC) would like to formally invite you to the “WTC INTERNATIONAL FURNITURE TRADE DAY" on July 31st, 2020.

The Conference will feature the presences of a large number of manufacturers, corporations and organizations, who will talk about the latest market trends and provide effective business solutions during the post Covid-19 market, discover new ways to adjust to the ever-changing market, gain knowledgeable regulatory information related to furniture in the global market, how to effectively improve the supply chain, and ways to foster design innovation & create added value for furniture industry.

The event aims to promote ideas and technology that will enhance the industry, facilitate communication and cooperation between various corporations with local & international enterprises to build a strong and prosperous furniture industry.

VDAS has the honor to invite Designers, Design Businesses & Companies to attend. Especially members of VDAS Association can register to connect, meet directly with companies and display product brochures.

Please register via the link: before July 27.

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